Priene Örenyeri

Priene: Aydin province is near the Güllübahçe resort. Priene excavation and research is being conducted by the German Institute of Archaeology. Assets BC 2. Our knowledge about the first establishment of the city dates back to a thousand years is based on the assumption case. During the Hellenistic period the city Ptolemaic and Seleucid Kingdom and the Kingdom of Pergamum management came under. BC Pergamum King II in 133. After the death of Attalus territory was added to Rome voluntarily and thus Priene came under Roman rule. Byzantine period, the city was a bishopric. Results prove that the settlement continued until the Empire's collapse. At the end of this period, Priene was completely abandoned.

Priene is the most beautiful example of the old city planning. City, Miletus architect developed by Hippodamus "grid system" was built. Generally, the city is 3.5 meters in width due to the sloping side streets are the steps of the land. Other buildings and public open image mainly covers an entire block and is situated in the city center. These include highly conserved until today as the Temple of Athena (4th century BC), Theatre, Agora, Temple of Zeus Olympus, Bouleuterion (BC 150), a second gymnasium and sanctuary of Demeter. The city, one has to be the other two east west, three gates. Priene's main entrance, the "East Gate", after a long uphill road pavement made of stones that can be accessed Theatre is located in the north east of the street.

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